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A major factor in determining your overall happiness and the quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.

During young adulthood, you’re making critical, life-altering decisions around what you want out of relationships, who you want relationships with, and how you will build those relationships.

These relationships will not only define the quality of your life, they will define YOU.

But, here’s the truth. The most important relationship you have….is with yourself. In fact, you can not begin to develop quality relationships with others until you get that relationship right. How you relate to YOU determines how you relate to the world and, most importantly, how you relate to others.

From romantic relationships to friends, parents, roommates, or even your new boss, together we can improve your relationship dynamics by first working from within.

First, I will ensure you have a healthy relationship with yourself and then I will empower you with the skills to effectively communicate your needs, wants, and desires in a positive and productive way while simultaneously being in tune with the needs of others.

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Together, we’ll tackle the relationship issues you face as a young adult in today’s world such as:

  • Family Conflicts
  • Unhealthy Dating Patterns
  • Modern Dating Relationships
  • Relationship Anxiety
  • Improving Communication in Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Work Relationships
  • Roommate Relationships
  • Self Esteem/Self Image